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Can you provide translations in all fields and industries?

Yes, we will accept projects in virtually all industries and fields. We specialise in technical translation and can also call upon expertise in other areas, including legal, financial, IT and life sciences. We aim to have a close dialogue with you as our client because your knowledge of your industry is a major asset to us during the project.

Do you translate all types of copy?

In principle, yes. Contact us to find out more.

Do you translate all types of document?

We can handle most type of document that can be edited, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Adobe InDesign and Adobe FrameMaker, and xml, html and .po files – among others. We can also translate copy in non-editable formats, such as PDF. In such cases, we need to agree on the format for the translation. If working from a PDF, we would typically deliver the translation in a text-based document. Do you need a translation in a format not mentioned here? Please get in touch.

How do you guarantee the quality of a translation?

We always review any translation thoroughly before delivering it to the client. We also make sure in advance that the translator has the necessary experience and knowledge of the field in question. Also, we work hard to have a good dialogue with you as the client during the project. After all, it is you who knows your business best.

How long time does a translation take?

We always base delivery times on your requirements. Some translations can be delivered the same day, while larger projects naturally take a little longer. If time is of the essence – or even it is not – we will work to provide an optimum solution for you and your business. In cases when you need a fast turnaround, our teams of in-house translators give us the flexibility required to meet your deadline.

How much does a translation cost?

In most cases we charge per translated word, which means we need to see the copy you want translated in order give you an exact quote. The word rate depends on the language combination, your document's level of difficulty and to some extent how fast you need us to deliver. It is worth noting that you will gain from developing a long-term relationship with us. Our translation software saves all the work we do for you in a translation memory, which means that you only pay for new copy because sentences that we have translated for you before do not need to be translated again. So the more often you use us, the lower the cost to you. Unless otherwise agreed, proofreading is included in our translation price.

What happens if I’m not happy with the translation?

We want to hear your views. If you're not satisfied with the translation, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. We particularly welcome concrete examples of where the translation has fallen short of your expectations. Have we used the wrong terms? Does the copy lack flow? Have we misunderstood the underlying message? We always strive to meet your expectations in every way possible and are committed to working with you to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.

What is your customer satisfaction guarantee?

Translation is a difficult art. There are as many tastes and opinions as there are people in the world. All sorts of different words may render a correct translation. Perhaps choose a word that is not to your liking or that you do not use in your business communications. Our customer satisfaction guarantee means we will work on the copy until you are happy with it, both in terms of word choice and tonality.

What language combinations do you offer?

We can offer translation to and from more or less any language. In addition to our in-house translator teams, we have a worldwide network of specialist freelance translators. We keep our freelance directory constantly updated and all our translators work solely in their mother tongue.

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