“Our partnership with GLOBALscandinavia works very well. They deliver copy of a high standard – and often delivered very quickly.”   

Eva Jönnerheim Marketing Product Manager
About the company

Berendsen is a provider of laundry solutions for textile products ranging from office carpets to work wear used in environments like restaurants and hotels. The company is the European leader in textile maintenance services and operates a rental model that saves customers time and money.

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  Document types
  • Brochues - Manuals - Rulebooks

 Language combinations
  • - EN-SV
  • - DE-SV
  • - DK-SV
  • - SV-EN
  • - SV-EN


Berendsen needs multi-language translations. At times, it can be difficult to find the right translator for the right price. This is especially true from Swedish to Finnish, where demand is high and translator availability is low.


We have many clients that need documents translated from Swedish to Finnish and for this reason employ translators who work in this language combination. It is ideal when the same translator can take on repeat assignments from the same client because continuity breeds quality.


Berendsen gets value-for-money translations in all language combinations thanks to GLOBALscandinavia's in-house translator teams.


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