“GLOBALscandinavia has an instinctive feel for the language that's needed to avoid misunderstandings that might arise between different markets.”   

Anneli Isacsson Marketing Manager
About the company

deVal sells and markets clothes for businesses. It has a faster cycle than many of its competitors, releasing a new collection every season. deVal garments can be personalised to order using prints, embossment and labels.

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 Language combinations
  • - SV-EN


deVal has a special communications style and our challenge is to find specialist translators with an intuitive feel for the company's way of expressing itself. deVal projects demand a high level of flexibility and creativity on the part of the translator.


We handpick specialist translators to ensure that language and cultural subtleties are not missed. The translators all work in their mother tongue and live in the countries into whose language they translate.


deVal is a valued client that remains with us. The company feels secure with GLOBALscandinavia and our ability to produce translations tailored to its target group. We provide the instinctive feel for language required to ensure that no misunderstandings arise. deVal's catalogues always reach the printers in time and we are delighted to play a part in that process.


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