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About the company

Hoya is a world-leading manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses. The company creates innovative eyeglass lens designs using the thinnest and longest-lasting materials. Research and development is a key strategic focus. Hoya's lens coatings are acknowledged as the most durable in the industry and the company's latest products also offer protection against ultraviolet and blue light.

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Hoya sometimes prefers to retain English terminology in its foreign-language copy because English is so well established in the industry that translating specialist terms into another language would only confuse the reader. Our challenge is to make sure that only the necessary words are translated.


We worked with Hoya to draw up a glossary that helps us to understand and select the right terms. Where possible, we try to ensure consistency by using the same translators for Hoya Lens projects.


We continue to work closely with Hoya nd both our companies have saved time and money as our collaboration has evolved. Hoya has a framework agreement with us that gives it a discount.


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