Our process

We apply a structured approach that spans the entire translation process – from order to delivery. Working closely with the client, we are committed to continuous improvement along every step of the chain.

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Two pairs of eyes and the right skills

Our translators only translate into their native languages. All have academic training and the linguistic ability and specialist knowledge necessary to deliver a top-quality translation. Another translator always reviews their work before we send the finished document to you.

Translation memories and terminology databases

We use the latest translation software from the leading providers. These programs effectively act as a vast database that stores every word and sentence we translate. This means we can track how we have translated a specific term or phrase in the past, enabling us to provide you with correct and consistent terminology. When you join us as a new client, we always go through the terms and phrases that are important to you and your business.

On-time delivery

For us, it goes without saying that we will deliver your translation within the agreed time frame. Our contracts entitle many of our clients to compensation in the event of late delivery. We document all deadlines and can provide you with detailed data on our delivery performance.


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