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AB Dogman
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"We often need fast translation turnaround and it's never been a problem to GLOBALscandinavia to meet tight deadlines."

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“Finding a good translation agency isn't easy. Three years ago we started working with GLOBALscandinavia and we’re more than pleased.”

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“Our partnership with GLOBALscandinavia works very well. They deliver copy of a high standard – and often delivered very quickly.”

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“GLOBALscandinavia has an instinctive feel for the language that's needed to avoid misunderstandings that might arise between different markets.”

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Hoya Lens
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“We appreciate the fast service and customer care we receive from GLOBALscandinavia.”

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“GLOBALscandinavia is a professional translation partner with cost-effective solutions.”

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Scandinavian Design Center
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"A smooth and efficient process is vital for us. Working with GLOBALscandinavia, we have developed a model based on taking a multilingual approach right from the start."

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